Michael Sturgeon - Artist CV

My goal as an artist has always been to create a body of work that I will be remembered for long after I’m gone. Being able to work with other artists on a project such as this would bring me one more step closer to that realization.


Through traditional and recently developed mediums, I create scenes that takes the observer to another realm. My photography reveals worlds you could not imagine and moments never to be seen again. My holograms are windows into dimensions yet to be explored. These mediums will aid in my quest to become immortalized as an artist.

Most of my work has never been planned. I would capture and create with no strategy or foresight, confident my actions would give rise to a greater understanding of who I am and what I am doing. Through this journey I have discovered that to have the greatest impact on the observers life, canvas and acrylic have the greatest impact for photography and pieces become surreal and dreamlike when viewed through a hologram.

The Mine collection represents years of what I used to think was wasted efforts. My holograms have tested my ability to keep a secret, as I believe this will change the way we see and interact with our world. Through all this I hope to achieve a very simple goal; to become a world-renowned artist by promoting those around me.


October 22, 2013 | Binary Exhibition - Group Exhibition

June 20, 2013 | Art Fashion Show | 1111 Boutique - Solo Exhibition

April 2013 | Waves Coffee House - Solo Exhibition

Jan 2013 | Higher Ground Cafe - Joint Exhibition  

Dec 2012 | Oolong Tea House - Solo Exhibition

Nov 2012 | Dori's Electric Frosted Gala - Group Exhibition

Nov 2012 | Moon Jive Film Fest - Short Film

2011/2012 | Cedar Tree Cafe - Group Exhibition

Nov 2010 | Dori's Diamonds Baroque Frosted Gala - Group Exhibition

June 18-20, 2010 | Mine: Sturgeon Photography Exhibition | Perspective Gallery - Solo Exhibition

Nov 2009 | Dori's Diamonds Blue Frosted Gala - Group Exhibition

Feb 2009 | O1 Group Exhibition - Group Exhibition

Jan 2009 | 1111 Art Exhibition - Group Exhibition

Jan 2008 | Oolong Tea House - Solo Exhibition

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